Namo Buddha Tour

Situated on a hilltop 40 kilometers from Kathmandu, Namo Buddha is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. It is known as the place where the Buddha, in a previous life as a prince, gave his body to a starving tigress and her cubs.

Namo Buddha is a beautiful, powerful place. For many, there is a sense of serenity, of peace, which permeates from the moment one starts the ascent up the hill.

There is a very old temple in the village of Namo Buddha, located below Thrangu Rinpoche’s land, which sits on the top of the mountain. Several lamas have determined that the actual site where the Buddha gave his body is actually on Thrangu Rinpoche’s property near the retreat center. There is a cave with statues of the prince, the tigress and the cubs on this site. Namo Buddha is otherwise known by Tibetans and people of the Himalayan regions as “Takmo Lu Jin”, which is literally “Tigress Body Generosity”. When guided by an FPMT teacher or facilitator, the tour will introduce basic concepts of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and short guided meditations will be offered.

On the way back, stop at Dhulikhel where you can have lunch with spectacular panoramic views.

This tour is available on Saturdays departing HBMC in Naxal at 9am, returning at 4pm. Prices include transport and guide.

3 – 5 pax: @ US $42.00 per person

6 – 9 Pax: @ US $22.00 per person

10 – 12 Pax: @ US $13.00 per person

Please call 9808 296 590 to book and check availability. HBMC reserves the right to cancel the tour if less that 4 people book.